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    技术参数:固含量≥55%/ 粘度=12000-13000mpa.s/  PH=5-6











    This product USES the high quality of synthetic latex, thermoplastic elastomer, viscosity resin, a variety of additives, through strict scientific formula and advanced production technology of elaborate a high-performance viscose.

    Appearance: Milky white viscous liquid

    Applicable scope: This product is suitable for UV strong adhesion of paper/paper, film/paper, and also suitable for the joint surface and adhesion between paper, film and medium density plate in the fine box.

    Product characteristics:

    1: good brushing performance and fast drying.The adhesive film is flexible, good adhesion and strong adhesive strength.

    2: Cold heat resistance, adhesion good products at 30 75 baking 72 hours or - frozen 72 hours remain the same bonding strength, product does not burst, film is not brittle.

    Construction method: spray, brush, machine paste general glue

    Technical parameters: the solid content 55% / viscosity =12,000-13000mpa. s / PH = 5-6

    Use caution:

    1,After the glue, the request is slightly cool, and the cooldown time is determined by the thickness and temperature of the adhesives, usually 2-6 minutes.

    2,For the products that are too large, the glue will be pressed for at least half an hour, and the pressure will be enough to make the two sides glued together.

    3,The product quality of the use of this product involves many factors, the user should inspect the specific situation of the product before the use of the product to be able to mass-produce.

    Storage transportation:

    1,This product should be sealed store in a cool and dry ventilated place, storage temperature for 5 to 35 advisable, effective storage period is one year, more than storage period such as inspection qualified can still use.

    2,It is a non-dangerous product which can be transported by ordinary articles.


    The company is not responsible for the performance, effect and applicability of the goods due to the use, operation, storage and transportation of the goods.No staff or representative of the company has the right to amend or waive this clause. If your company fails to accept the exemption clause, please return the original shipment.